Cash back – City payroll shrinks for first time in 10 years; $100K earners decreases from 71 to 67

For the first time in 10 years, the number of city workers earning $100,000 or more decreased in 2009.

The city released its payroll numbers for 2009 recently and, despite police detail money increasing, there are four fewer people topping the $100K mark than in 2008. Many believed there would be a decline, but also postulated that it would come due to an increase in overall police detail money. That was not the case.

In fact, the total payroll amount decreased in 2009 by $31,479 – also a first within the last 10 years.

Such decreases are a first for the city, which has seen ever-increasing payroll amounts and a skyrocketing number of those earning over $100,000. The decreases are probably a sign of last year’s cutbacks in personnel and work hours.

In 2001, there was only one person on the payroll over $100,000 and that was former superintendent and current School Committeewoman Carol Tye.

Since that barrier was broken, the number continued to grow until 2008, when there were 71 employees over the $100,000 mark – most of which were police officers and school employees. In 2009, that number shrank slightly to 67 employees over $100,000.

Of that list of 67, police and school personnel dominate the positions once again.

Of those making $100,000 or more a year, 35 were police, 22 were from the schools and six were from the Fire Department.

However, unlike the School Department salaries, many police officers supplement their income with private detail money – which is usually not paid by city tax dollars but rather by private concerns. They also, though, supplement their income with lucrative overtime opportunities, which are paid by city tax dollars.

Of those 35 highest paid police officers, 34 of them made more than $1,000 in private detail money.

Incidentally, this year Lt. Carl Ruggiero made the most detail money, logging in $43,643 in details.

Overall, police detail money increased by a little over $200,000 – despite the down economy and slow construction climate.

The top five earners in the city in 2009 were also a mix of police, school and fire employees.

The top five earners were:

1. School Superintendent Paul Dakin – $185,640

2. Police Chief Terence Reardon – $165,833

3. Deputy Superintendent Ann Marie Costa – $161,645

4. Police Lt. David Callahan – $153,399

5. Fire Chief Gene Doherty – $150,638

The lowest paid employees on the payroll list were Justin Grizey, Janet MacGilvray, Aaron Shaw and Thomas Wilson, who each took home $50 for a day of substitute teaching.

Mayor Tom Ambrosino, the top official in the city, came in at number 31 on the list, making $116,227.

And naturally, as has always been the case in Revere, buried in the payroll, and doing jobs that pay between the $20,000 and $3,000 mark, are numerous relatives and friends of the politically connected; old names, familiar names and recurring names.

Revere City Council


1. George V. Colella $20,940

2. Ira Novoselsky $20,740

3. John Correggio $20,340

4. John Powers $19,940

5. Charlie Patch $19,740

6. Bob Haas $18,340

7. Dan Rizzo $17,417

8. Arthur Guinasso $17,140

9. Tony Zambuto $15,340

10. Jim Kimmerle $14,640

11. George Rotondo $10,980


No., Name Position Salary Detail

1. Paul Dakin Superintendent of Schools $185,640 —

2. Terence Reardon Police Chief $165,833

3. Ann Marie Costa Asst. Supt. of Schools $161,645

4. David Callahan Police Lieutenant $153,399 $17,188

5. Eugene Doherty Fire Chief $150,638

6. Jeremiah Goodwin Police Lieutenant $142,633 $33,071

7. Glenn Malley Police Sergeant $140,314 $34,685

8. WilliamGannon Police Sr. Captain $140,097 $13,699

9. Joseph Cafarelli Police Lieutenant $138,930 #33,266

10. Carl Ruggiero Police Lieutenant $135,112 $43,643


Full list of 2009 Revere salaries

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