RHS Powder Puff team ready to take on Peabody

By Nicholas DeAngelis

Revere Patriots Powder Puff football team faces Peabody this Saturday at 1 pm at Peabody.

The Revere Powder Puff tradition had started in the late ‘70s and through the years they have been playing against various teams such as Winthrop, Everett, North Reading, and now Peabody. The Patriots defeated Peabody last year and this year’s team wants to keep the winning streak alive.

The team is made up of 45 girls led by Head Coach Diana DeCristoforo. Aiding her are coaches David Colella, Mark Fellowes, and Bob Lospennato. Also supporting the team are six team captains, Running Back Amanda Digitale, Quarterback Yvonne Rincon, End Margaret Cresta, Nose Guard Hope Sigmond, Guard Tanisha Teixeira, and Line Backer Loujain Hamza.

DeCristoforo played for the Revere Powder Puff team in 1999 and has been helping in coaching the Powder Puff team for four years.

The team has been practicing five days a week for five weeks in preparation for the big game. Powder Puff allows for a unique mix of athletes and non athletes to play together. The challenging practices help form a sense of unity for the seniors as they work hard together in preparation for the big game. Even though the game acts as a fund raiser for the senior class, the coaches and players view it differently.

There are various reasons why seniors choose to join the Powder Puff team; team captains Cresta and Rincon share their thoughts. Cresta said, “I joined because my family has been involved and I want to carry on the tradition.” Her sister Bianca played in 2004 and Michelle played in 2005. Rincon said, “I never could play football and now I have my chance.” Other reasons why seniors have joined the team is because they all feel that the experience is a fun and exciting one and they want to be part of the senior tradition. Future seniors are encouraged to take part in this big event. It brings the senior class together like a giant family and turns into an unforgettable experience.

Come to Peabody this Saturday to root on and take part in Revere’s traditional Powder Puff football game.

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