Casino Gambling – Suffolk Downs remains a solid bet

Revere has one ace in the hole in these tough economic times, so to speak.

It is casino gambling and a new stream of revenue, some of which will make its way into the Revere city treasury, if and when that time arrives.

One gets the perceptible feeling that a casino at Suffolk Downs is going to arrive sooner rather than later.

Jobs will be created. Millions will be spent locally on construction goods, and hundreds of union tradesmen and women will be put to work.

The need for studies about casino gambling will recede as the need for new revenues begins to scream.

Reality will overtake everything else weighing on the casino decision.

That time is nearer than we think.

1 comment for “Casino Gambling – Suffolk Downs remains a solid bet

  1. ChanceDwayne
    May 7, 2010 at 5:04 am

    It's a good think that opening a casino in Suffolk Downs will create a lot of jobs and economic opportunities in the area. But if you think about it, some people will lose their life savings and go bankrupt while playing at that casino. I enjoy a game of poker now and than but I only use a free casino with virtual money. No investment, no win but certainly no lose.

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