Time… Down the Drain – A classic case of misplaced priorities

At the United Nations, the Security Council is discussing whether or not Iran must live up to its agreements regarding that nation’s effort to build a nuclear reactor to produce electricity.

If they build the reactor and produce enough plutonium, then they might build a nuclear bomb.

At the state house, the discussion is about the state meeting its obligations with tax revenues tanking in the amount of $225 million in September alone.

At Revere City Hall, where everyone in a position of responsibility ought to know better, the debate at Monday’s city council meeting was whether or not a pipe layer should be granted his license.

Only in Revere, it seems, can there be an ongoing debate about pipe layers, open holes in the streets and whether or not all the rules and regulations have been followed. Here, whether or not a pipe layer opened a hole in the street without a license is the type of issue that reaches epic proportions.

Some councilors called for Ethics Committee investigations. Attorney General reports and others pour gasoline onto the non-existent fire to give it a bit of flame. At a time when the city faces its greatest economic challenges, when the city budget is stressed to the point of financial failure, when the state is about to cut reimbursements to the cities and towns, again and when city layoffs may take a toll, again, the city council busied itself debating whether or not a drain layer ought to be issued his license.

Can you imagine what the fuss would be if a barber was cutting hair without a license? We can.

The fuss is about the clannishness here. The interconnectedness between families and city employees. It is about the almost insatiable desire of some members of the city government to make mountains out of molehills. We urge the city council en masse to pay more attention to crucial economic matters concerning the city and to let the holes in the streets take care of themselves.

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