The Standard – Raduazzo sets the example by which all cab owners and operators should follow

The city needs to create a fair playing field for everyone who wants to own and operate a cab here. The police department being shorthanded, as the chief noted at City Hall last week, isn’t a valid excuse for the regulation sloppiness.

As we see it, Bobby Raduazzo of Patriot Taxi is the example by which all of those owning a cab here should follow.

Mr. Raduazzo’s business is spit and polish. His automobiles are newer and maintained well. His employees are reliable and follow a strict protocol. Whatever Raduazzo does regarding the running of his business, it is done the right way.

All the others claiming to run cab companies here don’t share the same interests as Raduazzo.

Meaning no disrespect, but always noticing the clear difference, nearly all the other cabs in the city that aren’t owned by Raduazzo have the look and feel of demolition derby automobiles driven by demolition derby drivers.

In this city, what is good for consumers riding in Raduazzo’s cabs should be good for consumers riding in all other taxis.

A cab medallion in Revere is a license given to the owner that can be taken away if the rules and regulations aren’t followed. Of course, if there is no enforcement of the regulations because there are no police to do so, as the chief noted, then all is lost. Anyone can own a cab. Anyone can drive the cab. Any kind of wreck can be used as a cab, and on and on and on.

However, if the rules apply to everyone and require cabs to be maintained as Raduazzo maintains them and staffs them with drivers, then the city’s cab fleets will be brought into sync with one another.

The rules need to be stringent, like those in force in Boston.

Currently in Revere, only Raduazzo follows a higher, self-imposed standard.

We urge the police department and the council to impose strict rules on the city’s cab owners. Such rules won’t hurt Raduazzo. Rather, everyone else not operating up to his standard will have to improve their vehicles, the people who drive them, and the service they deliver.

Bottom line – if the city and the police don’t care, nothing will change.

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