Following in Their Shadows

This year on Groundhog’s Day, the workers of Revere saw shadows of their own in the form of over 40 Revere High School (RHS) students participating in the Interact Club’s Annual Job Shadowing Day. Organized by beloved teacher David Colella, students were able choose an occupation from a variety of areas, ranging from an EMT to a florist, from a banker to a representative at the State House, even to the staff of the Revere Journal.

For three hours on February 2, these students experienced a day in the life of their chosen occupation. Many students took full advantage of the opportunity. Junior Maria Dreeszen said, “I shadowed Dr. DiPietro, which was really beneficial to me because I want to be a dentist someday. I really got to see and appreciate the work of a dentist up close.” Other students, such as junior Paul Sampson, chose to spend the day exploring their options. “I followed an elementary school teacher at the Lincoln School,” he said. “It is not a career I ever saw myself having, but it was an enjoyable experience.”

After the actual shadowing took place, the students and their advisers gathered at the Comfort Inn to eat lunch and share their experiences. “It was cool listening to everyone’s stories,” said Dreeszen. “I think it opened up a lot of kids’ eyes to the different career opportunities that are out there.” Sampson agreed. “It was fun to just sit around and relax after spending the day shadowing. I liked listening to what my friends had been doing at their sites.” Whether they chose a career they aspire to have or something random to just have fun with, the students of RHS are all in agreement that Job Shadowing is an enriching, worthwhile tradition that should definitely be continued in the future.

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