Down to the wire

Dan Rizzo and Anthony Petruccelli are going down to the wire this weekend, as the Memorial Day is not going to interfere with last minute campaigning. The showdown on Tuesday is likely to be decided by the size of the vote in Revere – with everything else following naturally.

That is to say, if Revere votes big and Rizzo comes away with 80 percent of that total, he is a winner. On the other hand, if Revere does not come out big, Rizzo cannot win as the numbers for him simply aren’t there. There is the feeling among many of this city’s political handicappers that Rizzo wins even if he loses because he has set himself up as Mayor Ambrosino’s heir apparent.

Ambrosino has been telling his associates that he is probably a few years away from seeking something else out of his life, although he is not exactly sure what it will be. The likelihood is that Rizzo runs for mayor if he does not win the senate seat when Ambrosino leaves. Carol Tye is another wild card in this expanding plot. Many people here believe Tye could not lose if she ran for mayor.

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