Beachmont Improvement Committee Finds a Surprise in a Small Space

Special to the Journal

On July 2nd, friends and family gathered as the Beachmont Improvement Committee happily presented life-long Beachmont resident Ginny Colangelo with the BIC Home Pride Award. Hers is a small welcoming alley garden bestowed with hundreds of beautiful colorful blooms. There are annuals, perennials, succulents, exotics, herbs and more. Ginny says, “My Garden.   It’s a magical place, where fairies dance among the flowers, butterflies and dragonflies grace their presence while honeybees work collecting nectar. Love truly lives here.”

Ginny is a creative spirit who appreciates art and design in its many forms. She believes creativity comes from the minds eye, the soul, and when it resonates with you it validates your design whether it’s through the art of cooking, crafting costumes, beach art, writing, creating her beautiful garden, as well as working as a professional make-up artist and fantasy face painter.

“When a design speaks to you on a deep level, it is a sign that you have tapped into something special and authentic. Embrace the power of your minds eye and soul. And let your designs reflect the beautiful uniqueness that is you.”

Ginny does just that; her home and garden totally reflect her uniqueness. Congratulations on your ability to shine beauty in Beachmont.

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