City Council to begin FY25 budget hearings next week

By Adam Swift

The city council is set to begin discussing Mayor Patrick Keefe’s proposed $274,420,435 Fiscal Year budget on Monday, June 10 in its ways and means subcommittee in the council chambers.

Monday night, city finance director Richard Viscay presented the council with a copy of the appropriation order for the FY25 budget, as well as copies of the budget binder for the proposed budget.

Last year, the council approved a $262,136,012 operating budget for FY24.

“The appropriation order is a part of that budget and it is what you would vote on,” said Viscay.

Viscay said he will be in attendance at the June 10 ways and means subcommittee meeting, where he will give a brief presentation on the overall budget. In addition, Viscay said he will be in attendance at all the subcommittee meetings to answer any questions as the subcommittee takes up the individual city department budgets.

Council President Anthony Cogliandro called for the ways and means subcommittee meetings for June 10-13, as needed.

The budget breaks down to just under $53 million for city government operating costs, about $55 million for city and fixed costs such as health insurance and retirement benefits, just under $130 million for the school department, $31.7 million for the water and sewer enterprise accounts, and $4.8 million for the solid waste enterprise account.

The public safety departments account for just over $32 million of the city government operating costs.

On the education side of the ledger, the majority of the budget is for the Revere Public Schools, while $3,285,660 is the requested appropriation for the Northeast Regional Vocational school.

Last year, the council approved the budget as presented by the administration, minus a $10,000 cut to the recreation department’s salary line item for an assistant director position that had yet to be filled.

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