City Council Approves Free Cash Requests

By Adam Swift

The city council approved two free cash requests on Monday night, one to help fund the annual sand sculpting festival on Revere Beach, and one to cover a deficit in the city’s snow and ice removal account.

City finance director Richard Viscay said the $150,000 appropriation is less than last year’s request, since the city has less money in free cash this year.

“The festival brings hundreds of thousands of visitors to the city, which helps local restaurants, businesses, and hotels support their respective businesses as well as promotes the nation’s oldest public beach, Revere Beach,” stated Viscay.

This year’s festival is scheduled to take place on July 19, and it will be celebrating its 20th year on Revere Beach.

The council voted 9-2 to approve the free cash appropriation for the festival, with councillors Anthony Zambuto and Michelle Kelley casting the dissenting votes.

“The sand sculpting festival was going on for years and a corporate sponsor donated $10,000 a year every year,” said Zambuto.

But, he said the city had some issues with the sponsor not being environmentally conscious enough and stopped taking its money.

“I can’t vote in good conscience to spend taxpayer money on this,” said Zambuto.

The $171,000 free cash request to fund the snow and ice removal deficit for FY24 passed unanimously.

“While there was not much snow this winter, there were many weather days where the city must treat the streets with salt and sand in order to keep our streets as safe as possible,” stated Viscay.

The city is allowed to spend in deficit on the snow and ice account due to the emergency nature of the account, Viscay said.

“In order to close the books with a zero deficit in that account, we seek $171,000 to make sure there is no snow and ice deficit to raise in Fiscal Year 2025,” said Viscay.

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