Great Job, Katherine Clark!

If you were watching the drama (a/k/a the Theatre of the Absurd) that took place last week in the U.S. House of Representatives that culminated in the eventual election of Republican Kevin McCarthy as the new Speaker, among the Democrats who placed in nomination their candidate, Hakeem Jeffries, the Democrats’ new leader, was Massachusetts Congresswoman Katherine Clark, who is now the second-in-command to Jeffries of the House Democratic caucus.

Ms. Clark delivered a forceful and straightforward nomination speech on behalf of Jeffries in which she laid out in plain terms the differences between the Republicans and Democrats and their wildly divergent views about the future path of our country.

Ms. Clark spoke of the Democrats’ many accomplishments over the past two years while they controlled the House, from climate change to prescription drug relief for senior citizens to funding to repair our nation’s aging infrastructure.

We were proud to see one of our own, Congresswoman Clark, who represents Winthrop and Revere in Suffolk County and whose district extends into Malden and Middlesex County, so well-represent the values and issues that benefit the vast majority of Americans. There no doubt will be rocky days ahead in the chaotic House of Representatives, but we know that Katherine Clark will be a strong voice on behalf of her district, our state, and our country.

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