Beautification by the Beach: McDermotts of Delano Ave. Win September RBC Award

The Revere Beautification Committee is proud to present its September Beautiful Home Award to Kelly McDermott of Delano Avenue. Her beautifully maintained home stands out due to her bright floral arrangement and subtle nautical decorations. Kelly is an enthusiastic landscaper who, along with her partner Mary, spends at least an hour a day sprucing up the property. 

Kelly changes her flowers and decor with the seasons. Her current arrangement features vincas, lavender, mums, hydrangeas, and impatiens, accented by buoys, a lobster trap, and two Adirondack chairs that are over thirty years old. A resident of Delano Avenue for five years, Kelly also does beautification work at the Point of Pines beach. We are delighted to present this month’s home award to someone who clearly takes a great deal of joy in beautifying their home and community.

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