The Proudest of Traditions: Paul Stephen Buonfiglio Becomes Licensed Funeral Director at Family Funeral Home

Paul Stephen Buonfiglio recently became a licensed funeral director, taking a position at the Buonfiglio Family Home that has been existence in Revere for 99 years after the founders relocated it from Schenectady, N.Y.

“We have another generation here,” pridefully stated Paul Stephen’s father, Paul Buonfiglio III who manages and operates the business, with his brother, Victor Buonfiglio.

Paul Stephen Buonfiglio (right) is pictured with his father, Paul Buonfiglio III, inside the Buonfiglio Funeral Home located on Revere Street. Paul Stephen recently became a licensed funeral director.

“A Long Process’

Paul Stephen Buonfiglio, who is also a full-time Revere firefighter, began working at the funeral home in 2008 as an assistant steward setting up flowers and cleaning bathrooms.

“I was 16 years old, and I couldn’t drive yet,” said Paul Stephen, who was a student at Lynnfield High at that time. “Either my uncle would pick me up at the house and drive me into work, or I would come here with my father.”

Paul Stephen continued to work in the family businesswhile on break from his full-time studies at Assumption College. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business in 2014.

Following his graduation from college, Paul Stephen entered the U.S. Navy where he served as a corpsman with the U.S. Marines at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. He concluded his service in January, 2020.

Paul Stephen Buonfiglio received his associate’s degree in May, 2022, in Funeral Service from North Shore Community College in Danvers. He passed the state exam in August, 2022, to became officially licensed, making him the fifth generation of his family to work in the industry.  

“It was a long process, the test was pretty challenging,” said Paul Stephen, who is 30 years old. “The two years of school were a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, managing work and raising three kids with my wife. But it felt great to finally be a funeral director after being an assistant.”

Understanding the family’s well-earned reputation of excellence in industry and its long commitment to the Revere community, Paul Stephen Buonfiglio always wanted to enter the family business.

“I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a funeral director,” related Paul Stephen. “I also knew I wanted to be a firefighter.”

“As a kid, he always said he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his grandfathers, one [Stephen] of whom was a Revere firefighter, and his other grandfather [Paul] was a funeral director. He actually ended up doing both.”

His Philosophy in the Profession

Paul Stephen said the relationships that the Buonfiglio family has built with the Revere community are important to him. That dedication and meticulous attention to a family’s needs under difficult circumstances extends beyond the business-client connections.

“Our family has a long history providing an important service to families,” said Paul Stephen. “Even when I was in high school, when a family would come in here at a time of need, and we would be with them for 5-6 days and make sure that everything was done right and doing a good job – it just felt very meaningful, and I loved the families that I served. It’s a special connection.”

Building New Relationships

A former three-term Revere city councilor, Paul Buonfiglio III said the family is building new traditions and new relationships as the demographics have changed in the city.

“We’re meeting a lot of new first-generation Revere families and building relationship with them,” said Paul III. “We’re also building relationships with the new clergy as well as the some of the new community leaders.”

Buonfiglio Family Home is a member of the Revere Chamber of Commerce and a generous donor to community activities. The family hosted its second annual neighborhood block party Tuesday night, with area families and children enjoying free pizza, games, and music.

“My father used to know every neighbor on the block,” said Paul Stephen. “In the last ten years, the neighborhood has changed, and we’re trying to recreate that neighborhood ‘feel’ – and develop relationships with our neighbors.”

Reflecting on the long road from working at the funeral home while in high school to becoming a licensed funeral director, Paul Stephen commented, “I’m very excited to begin as a licensed funeral director. I’ll also continue being a firefighter. I love both my jobs.”

 Paul Stephen said he’s grateful to his wife, Revere native Bianca (DeAngelo), for her support and encouragement throughout his career pursuits. The couple has three sons, Roman, Lorenzo, and Paul Vincent.

 Paul Stephen also noted how proud he was of his mother, Stacey Buonfiglio, who is a long-time educator in the Revere school district.

“My mother has been a teacher in the city since I was a little kid,” said Paul Stephen. “I’ve had great support my whole life from both of my parents.

Taking a page from the family’s century-old history in Revere, Paul Stephen stated, “Many years have passed since the first Buonfiglio Funeral Home opened. But one thing remains the same: being committed to serving the people of Revere and surrounding communities.”

Buonfiglio Funeral Home Family History

(Provided by Paul Buonfiglio III)

Leopoldo Buonfiglio and his wife, Rosa (Farrone) Buonfiglio, opened the first Buonfiglio opened the first Buonfiglio funeral home in Schenectady, N.Y., in 1911. Rosa became a licensed funeral director that year, making her one of the first female funeral directors in the United States.

The Buonfiglios moved to Revere in 1923 and started the funeral service out of their home on Mountain Avenue.

Their son, Paul Buonfiglio Sr., continued the business and opened a funeral chapel in 1947 at its current site at 128 Revere St. In 1964, as the business outgrew its facility, the Buonfiglio family built a new facility.

Paul Buonfiglio Sr. passed away unexpectedly in 1972. Paul Buonfiglio Jr. then continued the family business.

Paul Buonfiglio III began working at the Buonfiglio Funeral Home in 1984. He became a licensed, full-time funeral director in 1991. Four years later, Victor Buonfiglio, Paul’s brother, became a licensed funeral director. Paul Buonfiglio III and Victor Buonfiglio took over the company in 1995 and still manage and operate the business.

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