Letters to the Editor

Children are Parent’s Best Investment

Dear Editor,

Today’s culture encourages young people to persue a career and to avoid having children. Corporate America supports this view wanting to keep women in the work force. They provide incentives even to provide women with travel expenses to an abortion clinic! How about paying for the travel expenses to adopt a baby? Not likely! This woke culture prefers to kill the unborn baby or indoctrinate them in schools against parent’s values and beliefs. 

Children, though challenging to raise, are still the best investment parents could make for a fulfilling blessed life and for a future. Being vigilent in teaching a generation of children to become responsible, kind and caring adults is good for society, family being the basic bulding block of society. Children bring joy and love as well as an opportunity for growth for both parent and child alike. Sacrifice builds character and children will require sacrifice and will test the parent’s resolve more so than any job would ever do.

When ready to take your last breath, you’d want a loved one nearby to hold your hand and give comfort. Any hospice worker would testify that people in end of life situations want their spouses and children around them, not their career trophies. No career cane compare to a sweet innocent baby face smiling back at you.  Children are Parent’s best investment for the future.  Without them, we have no future on this side of heaven.

Lucia Hunter

Standing the Test of Time

Dear Editor,

I was happy to read in the September 14, 2022, Revere Journal that the Claremont Insurance Agency “received special recognition from Undersecretary Edward A. Palleschi, of the Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation”.

My late father had his auto insurance with Claremont when Cynthia and Julie’s parents, Alphonse & Cynthia Recchia, operated the Agency. At that time, the business was located at 114 Chelsea Street, East Boston. I have, and always had, my auto insured through Claremont. When I purchased my home, I bundled my house and auto insurance.

Cynthia Graff and Julie Bisconti, as were their parents, are committed to their clientele serving and assisting when needed. Cynthia and Julie have saved me money and helped me on many occasions.

For over 50 years, the Claremont Insurance Agency is the only auto insurance agency I ever used. Claremont has “stood the test of time”.

Congratulations and best wishes to Cynthia Graff and Julie Bisconti.

Louis T. Addonizio

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