A Shore Thing: Mission Beach House Delivers Great Food, Service, Atmosphere

By Victoria Fabbo

Looking for a new restaurant on the beach? Mission Beach House may be your next destination.

There is something on the menu that everyone will enjoy.

First, we were nicely greeted by the hostess and shown to our seats. The servers were kind and attentive. The manager knew the menu well and was thrilled to showcase the menu.

Ready to start off the summer with a mimosa flight! Yes, please! The flavors may include blueberry, strawberry, oj, pineapple.

Appetizers started with the ceviche, the yucca chips were so nicely thin they paired well with the ceviche.

The presentation of the Smoke Manhattan is classy and charming, great for any whisky lover.

Have you ever heard of swordfish skewers before? I had not. I was thoroughly impressed, swordfish is a fish often overcooked. Mission Beach House Chef and cooks prepared it well, and it was tender. I have never had swordfish so tender before.

If you enjoy a beach feeling drink: the coconut, pineapple and rum drink called no other than Painkiller, is a great go to.

Calamari was lightly batter and yummy! Lightly battered calamari was the best yet! Calamari was tender as well, not chewy at all. Nicely done.

Short Rib Empanada, described as an Argentinian classic. The crust was fluffy and fried perfectly. Even meat and potato lovers will enjoy the empanadas!

Basil Gimlet is a classy, sweet, delectable drink, that you can sip and watch the waves crash on the sand.

Burrata and Beet salad was one for the road. The beets were cooked wonderfully, the burrata was nice and juicy, perfect summer salad! Pesto salad dressing is nut free. How thoughtful. If you like to stop in for a game and sit at the bar or high top, great place to stop and watch the ocean as well. The music was 2000s and up just a fun vibe, do not think there was one song I did not enjoy.

A lovely entree to have while staring at the beach would be the grilled blackened salmon, coconut curry jasmine rice, sweet sliced almonds, paired with seared plantains, fresh lime.

All my girls out there looking for Espresso Martinis Mission Beach House make a couple of great choices.

They do not miss the Aperol Spritz either, sweet and yummy!

The sweetest ending to my heart, brownie sundae with perfect marshmallow, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. A lovely spot on the beach with the view of the ocean and fabulous food to pair with it.

Cheers until next time…

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