Council Delays Definitive Action Regarding Water-Meter Rate Ordinances

Seeking fairness in the implementation of water rates for business owners, landlords, and residents across the city, the Council held off on any definitive action on the issue at its meeting Monday night.

“We’ve had several meetings on this, and it has been a topic of discussion for some time,” said Councillor-at-Large and Ways and Means Chair Dan Rizzo at the subcommittee meeting.

Rizzo said he has conferred with Chief Financial Director Richard Viscay about developing a plan that would be equitable for all residents of the city.

Council President Gerry Visconti said his major concern in the proposed water meter rate payment structure is “helping one particular group and having that affect another group.”

“Maybe Mr. Viscay can shed some light on it, but I would be reluctant to vote on this, not knowing that we have come up with an equitable solution for everybody,” added Visconti.

Viscay said he has come up with different scenarios for the water meter rate ordinances. “My suggestion is to keep talking about it (until the Fiscal Year 23 budget process is complete),” said Viscay, noting that the Arrigo Adminstration has put $2 million a year in the last three years to keep the water rates as low as possible.

Rizzo suggested that the Council “take CFO Viscay’s recommendation and we’ll discuss it once the budget’s been solidified and we’ll figure out the right way to go about this.”

Reading the room and the consensus of his colleagues correctly as a benefit of his many years of experience in government, Rizzo saw his suggestion accepted by the Council.

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