Suffolk Downs Announces Reopening Of the Track for 2022 Season

After a successful 2021 that saw the historic Suffolk Downs racing oval serving as an interim open space for walking, running and exercising as well as programming for residents and visitors of Eastie and Revere, HYM Investment Group, LLC has decided to reprise the success of last year’s  “The Track at Suffolk Downs” program.

With warm spring weather on the horizon HYM announced the track will open to the public for the 2022 season on Saturday, April 16.

“Last year we opened the track up to the public and got a great response from the community in the neighborhood,” said HYM’s Site Activation Manager Jessica Feroli at a recent community meeting. “All last season there was a constant stream of people walking, and using the track. While it was closed for the winter we will be opening back up this month. “We also have a bunch of events planned for the track. We’ll be bringing back our free outdoor fitness series and kicking off the 2022 season with a fun kids race called “Marathon Daffodil Dash.”

Suffolk Downs will host its first kids Marathon Daffodil Dash on Saturday, April 16 from 9am-12pm at the track. This event is held in partnership with the Revere Parks and Recreation Department and the Marathon Daffodil Project. The Marathon Daffodils project began in 2013 with the  yellow daffodil used as a symbol of strength and hope. Every year, the streets of the Boston  Marathon and attractions all over the city showcase Marathon Daffodils on display throughout  the marathon weekend. The Track will be lined with daffodils on Boston Marathon weekend  with three 50-yard dash races for grades K-2, grades 3-5, and grades 6-8 followed by a mile run  for grades K-8.

As Feroli mentioned Suffolk Downs free fitness at the track will kick off on Sunday, June 5th. The series will be held every Sunday at 10am. Local fitness instructors and live DJ Chris Capozzi will lead a variety of workouts geared for all fitness levels and abilities.

This season the Tack at Suffolk Downs will add a new amenity and create a dog park for the first time. The dog park is scheduled to open in early June and will feature two separate fenced areas for large and small dogs and a variety of play equipment to keep four-legged  friends entertained. The Dog Park will be located next to The Track entrance. 

“We are thrilled that so many local residents participated in events at The Track last year and we look  forward to welcoming many families and residents back this season,” said Thomas N. O’Brien, managing  partner and chief executive officer of The HYM Investment Group. “This is the next step in realizing our  vision for the redevelopment of Suffolk Downs as a way to build community and personal well-being  among the people of Boston, Revere, and beyond.”

More activations and events will be announced in the coming weeks. Follow Suffolk Down’s social  channels and website for the latest news about events and activities taking place at The Track.

The Track will be open daily from dusk to dawn. Free parking is available on site at 525 McClellan Highway in  Eastie. The Track also sits adjacent to the MBTA’s Beachmont and Suffolk Downs Blue Line stations.

HYM is also planning an outdoor concert series in partnership “The Bowery Presents”, a leading East Coast promoter.

The concert series this year will most likely kickoff in late August or early September with eight shows planned. After the 2022 season HYM plans to bring around 20 shows to the track each summer from June to September until 2025.

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