Councillor McKenna Requests Less Invasive Rodent Baiting Program

The City Council approved a request by Ward 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna that city departments use a less invasive rodent poison when baiting the rodents.

McKenna said that a less invasive poison would help protect wildlife.

“Since construction is at its maximum in Revere and Orient Heights, baiting rats is at the highest demand,” said McKenna. “In the abutting Belle Isle Marsh land, we have many different species such as owls, coyotes, hawks, and other animals and mammals being affected.

“The rats, after eating the current poison, experience a horrible death,” she continued. “They live three days suffering, searching for water and then bleed out. From there, they are picked off by the food chain of animals, which poisons the animal that digests the poisoned rodents. These animals then also die a horrible death.”

McKenna said that the rodent-baiting poisons currently being used, “never break down.”

“They have a 100-year shelf-life. This is affecting the ecosystem in a catastrophic way at the Belle Isle Marsh. What the site supervisors at Belle Isle Reservation and all across Massachusetts are seeing is a disturbing death rate among these animals and including dogs and cats.

“There are many less invasive ways to kill rats, without affecting the food chain,” concluded McKenna, naming some other rodent-baiting measures.

The Council unanimously voted to support McKenna’s measure that will now go to Mayor Brian Arrigo’s desk for consideration of implementation.

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