Revere is the fastest growing city in state

Successful Census outreach effort shows 20% population increase resulting in more Federal, State, and local resources for the city

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The City of Revere is now officially the fastest-growing city in Massachusetts. Yesterday municipalities throughout the United States received their 2020 Census Data – The data shows Revere outpacing other cities across the Commonwealth with their population rising more than twenty percent since the last census a decade ago. Revere’s new population is 62,186.

“The results of the 2020 Census are incredibly exciting for our city, Revere is now the fastest growing city in Massachusetts –which will bring more federal, state, and local resources to our community,” said Mayor Brian Arrigo. “As more housing options come online and we welcome more new residents, we have greater influence to advocate for what our city needs.”

The City of Revere launched Revere Counts in an effort to support census efforts and ensure an accurate count in the community.  The initiative was lead by the current Director of Community Health and Engagement, Dimple Rana.  

“Under Director Rana’s leadership Revere initiated a comprehensive, coordinated a grassroots campaign that resulted in real, tangible gains for our community,” said Mayor Brian Arrigo. “I want to personally thank her and our Revere Ambassadors for their incredible outreach and engagement efforts and all of the Revere residents who filled out a 2020 census.”

State Rep. Jessica Giannino added, “The economic development occurring throughout Revere coupled with the consistent spike in the population numbers requires an assurance that our water, sewer and roadway infrastructure grows with it. It is also imperative that we have adequate police, fire and educational resources to meet these growing demands. As your State Representative, I will be working hard to ensure the state meets its’ obligation to our city.”

The City of Revere Office of Data and Innovation is in the process of examining and analyzing all the 2020 Census data and it will be available to residents soon.

“There are many factors in our rise in accounted for population. One of the major factors was the work put in to actually get our people counted, our census outreach even in the middle of a pandemic was exceptional,” stated Ward 4 Councillor Patrick Keefe. “This approach was much more aggressive and calculated then it was in 2010.   Everyone in Revere knew our population data was lower then it should have been so I am happy we put more emphasis on getting our residents officially counted,” he continued, “Obviously, we have seen growth in our communities housing stock which of course added to the increase.    But the fact that this count will get us the necessary additional funding for our infrastructure, our schools, our public safety department is a huge win.  Revere will be able to offset more of its tax burden with this additional funding and continue to give its residents the resources they deserve.”

As the census data is finalized, the City of Revere has launched the Redrawing Revere campaign, which aims to engage the community in learning and participating in the reprecincting process for the city.  Residents are encouraged to help “re-draw the lines” within their community by visiting  and utilize the online toolkit and map to provide feedback and input on their own neighborhood.

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