Revere School Committee Votes to Go Forward With $102.7 Million FY22 Budget

At last Tuesday night’s Revere Public School Committee meeting,  committee members voted to approve line items for the School Department’s $102,691,177 budget for Fiscal Year 22.

The money approved at last Tuesday’s meeting for FY22 did not include the federal Covid relief money through Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) grants that will fund a whole host of new positions and upgrades to Revere Schools.

The first line item approved was the administration’s budget of $2,680,387. This is money for the Superintendent’s Office and the Business Office as well as some of the district wide administration of the school district.

The next line item was $64,406,262, which is the largest portion of the School Department budget.

“This is about 60% of our budget overall,” said Superintendent Dr. Dianne Kelly. “Out of this we fund all of our salaries for our professional staff, including teachers, administrators curriculum directors, our paraprofessionals and all other folks who have anything to do with academics or student learning like our guidance counselors, our social workers, our occupational and physical therapists, all of those folks are included in that number.”

The committee then approved $9,968,589 for student services with the largest line item in this category going to the school department’s transportation budget.

“This is also how we pay for other student services, including food services, student activities such as athletics, and other other components like clubs, and our school system security program,” said Kelly.

The committee then approved $9,331,456 for school maintenance. Kelly said this line item pays for RPS’s custodial services, cleaning services at school facilities and school upgrades.

The next item approved was $182,931 for employee benefits and insurance followed by an approval of $39,784 for community service.

Another $843,119 was approved for school building improvements for school facility upgrades.

Finally $14,238,649 was approved for the Programs with Other Schools initiative.

“This is where we fund tuition for outplaced students or any of our students who have, because of their educational needs, been placed at other schools other than Revere Public School and it’s the second largest line item in the budget,” said Kelly.

School Committee Member and Chairman of the Ways and Means subcommittee, Michael Ferrante said the items voted on last Tuesday represent the total amount that the school department will be financing this year.

Before the meeting adjourned, Ferrante thanked the other committee and subcommittee members, especially Stacey Rizzo and Anthony D’Ambrosio, for all their hard work.

“Without them we couldn’t have ever got this thing done,” he said. “I just want to thank everybody for all the hard work.”

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