Arrigo Announces Promotion of Tech Leng to Chief of Planning and Development

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Mayor Brian M. Arrigo announced that as of April 1, Tech Leng will be succeeding to the position of Chief of Planning and Development for the City of Revere.  This cabinet-level position reports directly to Mayor Brian M. Arrigo.  Ms. Leng currently serves in the role of Deputy Director of the Office of Planning and Development; and she succeeds Bob O’Brien, who has been OPD Director since 2016.

 Techrosette Leng is a lifelong resident of Revere, who attended Revere Public Schools before earning her baccalaureate degree in Government from Harvard College, where she was also a George Peabody Gardner Fellow. After several years of program management and direct service in youth education and adult workforce development, Tech trained as an urban planner at Tufts University’s Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning Department, where she was also a Harvard Kennedy School Rappaport Fellow. She has been a valued city staffer since 2018, serving as Revere City Planner before she became OPD Deputy Director in 2020. 

 â€œTech brings a wealth of personal experience and professional expertise, as well as a profound understanding of and commitment to the Revere community,” said Mayor Arrigo. “All of which has prepared her to take the Office of Planning and Development to the new level required to address and resolve the many issues and opportunities that will define our evolving future as a diverse, accessible and affordable community.”

At the age of seventy-eight, Bob O’Brien will be transitioning into semi-retirement, but will continue in the role of Director of Economic Development.  His attention with be focused on the development projects that will continue to transform Revere, including the continuing redevelopment of the Revere waterfront, the Shirley Avenue and Broadway business districts and Suffolk Downs and implementation of the recently approved RiverFront Master Plan, as well as prospective redevelopment of Wonderland and Caddy Farm.  Moving forward, a high priority will be placed on emerging public/private partnership for the creation of more affordable housing in Revere.

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