Revere’s Dog Lady Providing Unconditional Love

 By Melissa Moore-Randall

Nestled off of North Shore Road, along the Saugus River, you will find a building that has become a safe haven for local animals. Many Revere residents are familiar with it and its owner, Lisa Cutting. Known as the “Dog Lady”, Lisa takes in the city’s lost and vulnerable animals until they can be reunited with their families or be placed in loving homes at Ocean View Kennel.  

Cutting works closely with the City of Revere and the Revere Police Department hoping to reunite lost animals with their families. This task requires a seven day hold in place often with the seven day hold taking place at Ocean View Kennel. After seven days, Cutting works to get those unclaimed animals adopted. The process includes fundraising to help get the animals medically cleared and able to be placed successfully in a new home. Cutting also works with the Boston Animal Rescue League, Blue Pearl, Malden Animal and Revere Pet to help make it possible to find homes for the animals.  â€œWe do not discriminate against any breed.  All animals are welcome at this time. Our city officials have been great as well. People believe in what we do and for that I will be forever grateful.” Cutting said she relies on food, bedding, and monetary donations to help with vet bills which last year ran almost $30,000.

The road to Ocean View Kennel did not come easy. Cutting was raised in a family where many struggled with substance abuse. “At the age of 11 my mother went to prison. I was bounced around until I was finally old enough to go to court and become an emancipated minor at 17”. In her twenties, her family opened Ocean View Kennel.

After a few years,  I ended up leaving and went back to the medical field.  I also started my own program called Dogs for Dementia.”  Since Ocean View Kennel is not a nonprofit, Cutting works a second job helping care for dementia patients by bringing furry friends to visit with them.  

Cutting fully took over the kennel four years ago. Her goal for Ocean View Kennel is very simple. “I want to reunite people with their lost pets. I want to bring joy and happiness to seniors visiting them at nursing homes with the animals. I also want to educate the schools and give the high school kids an opportunity to do their community service. I am now the city pound for five cities. As demanding as it is I wouldn’t change a thing.  You may get called out at all hours on weekends, holidays, and during Sunday dinners.”

In 2020, Ocean View Kennel rescued two goats, a duck, a dove, a rooster, chickens and many dogs. Citing the pandemic as “quite an experience”, including contracting Covid 19 herself, Cutting saw some animals taken in by family members while others got a second chance by being adopted.   “That is the most rewarding. We’ve had many heartbreaks of animals that have been abused and neglected.  I give every inch of my being to save their lives. This includes going to the best veterinarians and becoming a hospice for the animals. Cooking for them, managing medication, and loving them every second of every day until God calls them home.  They will never die alone.”

After a very difficult 2020, Cutting is looking towards 2021 with positivity and hope. “I believe that 2021 will only bring good things to Ocean View Kennel.  We have a purpose, we have the heart, and we have unconditional love to share.  We will rise above and make this the best shelter and pet resort this city has ever seen. I didn’t choose this profession.  It chose me. Each day my heart beats stronger and stronger because this is my life, and there is no price tag or brand name you could have to label the love of an animal.” 

Ocean View Kennel offers boarding, grooming, and day care. If you would like more information about pet services or want to make a donation to the kennel, you may visit Lisa at Ocean View Kennel which is located at 705 North Shore Road.

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