Veterans Services Officer Marc Silvestri Announces Candidacy for Suffolk District State Rep. Seat

To my friends and the residents of Winthrop and Revere:

Speaker Bob DeLeo’s decision to step down after 30 years of dedicated service leaves our communities with a significant loss of leadership on Beacon Hill.  Bob DeLeo set the highest example of service, and so the individual who attempts to fill his shoes must be one committed to getting into the trenches and tirelessly fighting for all of us.

I am Marc Silvestri, and I believe I am that person. After deep and sincere reflection with my family and friends, I declare my candidacy for State Representative of the 19th Suffolk District.  My life experiences, my energy, and my passion for service qualify me to take on the demands and responsibilities to effectively serve the people of Winthrop and Revere.

Who is Marc Silvestri?

I grew up here and always aspired to lead. I captained my football, track, and hockey teams before graduating Revere High in 1997. I went on to Prep school and started college at American International College before family responsibilities steered me into the workforce as a laborer with Local 22.

In 2006, I enlisted in the United States Army. My time in the military shaped me into a strong individual who will never compromise integrity. During my military tour in Afghanistan, I faced life and death situations. I was awarded the Bronze Star with Valor for my actions during a four-hour firefight. Later in my deployment, I suffered severe injuries when a Rocket Propelled Grenade struck my fighting position. Due to the visible and invisible wounds of war, I was over-prescribed and under-treated in the years following my retirement which led to substance misuse.

As a person in long term recovery, I learned that lives can be changed even in the darkest and most difficult times. I know what it is to struggle, what it takes to overcome, and how to help those who need it.  I learned how service to others, making a difference in their lives, and working fearlessly toward a common good can help us prevail over the threats and obstacles that might stand in our paths.  

My experience ignited in me a passion for service. I resumed my education and graduated from Salem State University. I settled in Revere with my wife Nicole and today we are the grateful parents of 17-year old Sienna, a dental technician student at Northeast Regional Vocational High School, and Saige, a 5th grader at the Whelan School.

In 2017, Mayor Brian Arrigo appointed me as the Veterans Service Officer for the City of Revere, a duty that has deepened my passion for service. I have worked tirelessly with local, state, and federal officials to ensure that Revere’s veterans are never overlooked or shortchanged.  During my five years as Veterans Service Officer, we have established more programs and opportunities for our veterans than at any time in Revere’s history.

• I worked with Councilor at Large Steve Morabito to implement a Veterans work-off program that helps veterans save on their tax or water bills

• I worked with Mayor Brian Arrigo to establish August 7 as “Purple Heart Day” in Revere

• I worked with Ward Six Councilor Rick Serino to create an option for Revere taxpayers to easily donate to the Revere Veterans Fund, and the money raised will help pay for additional services for the most vulnerable veterans in our community.

• I worked with Congresswoman Katherine Clark to facilitate the VA Home Loan application process for veterans working in the marijuana industry. Thanks to the effort that began in the Revere Veterans Service Office, Congresswoman Clark and other federal lawmakers are demanding that the Veterans Administration reform its current policies that impede the loan opportunities for these hardworking, entrepreneurial veterans.

• I worked to create reserved parking spaces at Revere City  Hall for veterans and Purple Heart recipients.

I have thrived from the privilege to change people’s lives, which has taught me how to listen thoughtfully and advocate strongly for others — critical skills of leadership in the quest for shared well-being.

I consider political service to require the same values that were instilled in me in the military: the virtues of Honor, Dignity, Courage, and Selfless Service. My passion and commitment to service has taken many shapes, whether helping a pair of veterans unite after 60 years, or delivering Turkey Dinners on Thanksgiving Day to those in need. I will bring this passion and commitment to a role in government, for I believe that Government can help find solutions and clear a path for everyone’s benefit. It is time that we restore the true meaning of Government “…of the people, by the people, for the people…” where we work together and defend our communities and each other.

Today, I hold fighting for our country in Afghanistan and serving the veterans of Revere as the great honors of my life. It will be an equivalent honor to fight for and serve the people of the 19th Suffolk District. For these reasons, I ask for your vote of confidence for Marc Silvestri at the primary election on March 2, 2021.

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