On the Campaign Trail: Caggiano Proud of His Long-Time Connection to Northeast Regional

Revere resident Anthony Caggiano is proud of his family’s long-time association with Northeast Regional Vocational High School.

“I’m very deeply committed to the school,” said Caggiano, a candidate for Revere’s seat on the Northeast Regional School Committee in the Nov. 3  election. “My stepfather was special needs director. My mother worked there. And my three kids went there. So this election is very personal because I’m very invested in to the school. This is not political, it’s personal.”

Caggiano pledged to voters that he would work hard as Revere’s representative on the Committee. He said that he has been closely following Northeast’s proposals for construction of a new school and looks forward to contributing his ideas during the future design process.

“The important consideration is, “what we can we do right now to better the school?”

“It’s not just about more students – I would love Revere to have more students, but it’s what else can we offer? Are there more trades? The economy is constantly changing and I know two trades that I would like to look at. This is what needs to be done now, and coming from a labor-extensive background, I have a little bit more insight.”

Caggiano said through his parents’ connection to Northeast and his children’s attendance and graduation from the school, he has had the opportunity to meet the outstanding administrators and teachers at the school.

“Northeast has great personnel right to the very top,  [Superintendent] David DiBarri,”  said Caggiano. “I knew David when he was the principal and he’s one of the best, he’s so highly respected in the field of education. He’s very accessible and he’s all about the students. I can’t say enough good things about the school and the dedicated staff that works there.”

Running a District-Wide Campaign

Caggiano has been participating in campaign sign-holding events in Revere and throughout the district that includes 12 cities and towns. Winthrop. Last Thursday Caggiano and a large group of his supporters greeted passing motorists across from Saugus Town Hall. Voters in all 12 communities select the individual members, meaning that residents across the district will help Revere select its representative on the Committee.

“I’ve been campaigning in Woburn , Wakefield, Melrose – everywhere,” said Caggiano. “It’s a big district and I’ve been very busy on the campaign trail.”

He said he was pleased to receive the endorsement of Teamsters Local 25 in the race.

“I think the Teamsters’ endorsement is a big help,” said Caggiano. “Usually the Teamsters look at the bigger races but for President [Sean] O’Brien to really take a look at this race and support my candidacy, I can’t really say enough about its significance to me. Mr. O’Brien’s son went to Northeast, so it’s personal to receive that endorsement.”

Caggiano said if he were to be elected, he would become highly visible in the Northeast community and accessible to all: administrators, faculty, parents, and students. “I’m going to be very accessible,” he said. “I’m going to know everybody’s name and they’re going to know my name. It’s going to be like a full-time job for me.”

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