Car Crashes Into Proctor Ave. Home

Special to the Journal

On Monday, Sept. 14, at 11:33 am a box alarm was struck for a report of a motor vehicle into a building with an odor of gas.  The working Deputy along with 3 pumpers and a ladder truck responded.  Deputy Sean Manion on arrival investigated and found a Motor vehicle partially on the sidewalk with the front end down below street grade on the residential homes exposed gas service piping.  Incident Commander Manion ordered the gas shut to the building, assured the removal of all ignition sources and notified NGRID to respond to the incident to shut the gas in the street and address the damage.  Allegedly, the driver was making a U-turn and went off the sidewalk into the front yard of the house.  The exposed gas piping was damaged at the reducing valve and was leaking slightly.  After NGRID shut the gas in the street, G/J towing carefully removed the vehicle with a multi-ton wrecker utilizing a sling.  The Revere Police and Cataldo Ambulance were on scene and there were no reported injuries.  Ironically, there was a placard on the rear of the car that said “New Driver”, however, according to the driver, the vehicle was not used for commercial student training it was a family member attempt for patience and courtesy from others while they were a new driver.  The incident was completed at 12:46.

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