RBC Recognizes Seaview Towers

The Revere Beautification Committee (RBC) has presented its “Beautiful Home” award to the Seaview Towers condominium located on the Boulevard. 

This is the first time that this award has gone to a condominium building.  The building owners must  be very proud of the transformation that has occurred in the appearance of their property this year that has led to the presentation of this award. 

In addition to a finely manicured lawn, the property is enclosed by a black wrought iron fence.  A variety of bushes line the front of the building itself, including hydrangeas, grasses, roses, and other varieties.  Lining the outer black fence are many hosta plants.  Also lining the front of the bushes are yellow day lilies creating a colorful contrast.  Trees and bushes are used to hide necessary equipment and one has to look very hard to see them.  As one enters the building, there is an enclosed square filled with hydrangea bushes, grasses, rose bushes and lovely multi-colored flowers of many different varieties.  No part of the area was without beautification.

The landscaper responsible for transforming this area is Moffa Landscaping.  The work is done on a 26 week landscaping program for the condominium association. 

The RBC encourages other condominium owners to emulate the Seaview Towers by beautifying their property. 

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