Guest Op-Ed: How Can We Come Together to Work on a Solution, With an Inclusive Approach to Unite Revere

By Patrick Keefe

Where do we go from here?

We can continue down the same path of social media and talking around each other tearing one and another down, or we can work together on a solution.   

The hardest way to move forward is alone,  doing this together is imperative in accomplishing a common goal. But in order to get this right we must set aside our differences and establish the HRC.

I want to firstly apologize to the City of Revere as you deserve to have this commission and as city leaders we could have done so much more to have gotten this accomplished already.  Point blank we failed.  No single person or department is to blame we are all culpable.  Admitting our failures is part of how we can heal.

I also wanted to say for the attention Dimple Rana has received she didn’t deserve to have her character assassinated and some of the negative comments made were reprehensible. 

I may not always be in agreement with Ms. Rana but I certainly respect her and recognize she has been more helpful to our community then she has hurt. 

I know I didn’t vote on Ms. Rana’s appointment, but again I was more concerned with the process then the person.   We can all have varying opinions, but today’s narrative takes this as all or nothing.  This is where we become more fractured.  

But let’s get all this behind us.  Where do we go now?

Firstly I have reached out to Councillor Morabito, Mayor Brian Arrigo and Ms. Rana to see if we can come together and work on a solution.  Clearly they have the same willingness as me find commonality and accomplish this goal.

I’m happy to say they have all agreed to get together and put a new foot forward. 

Revere’s diversity is our strength and I’m certain with a positive working approach we can navigate these turbulent times together.

Stay tuned, stay positive, be better then we have and let’s hope to make some progress.

Patrick Keefe is

President of the Revere City Council.

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