Letter to the Editor

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Dear Editor

The rejection by the City Council of Dimple Rana’s appointment to the future Human rights Commission is a discomfiting chapter in Mayor Arrigo’s recent attempt to address the needs of all members of the Revere family. Oddly, even as they rejected her, Council members almost unanimously lauded Ms. Rana’s efforts in the city, praising her both her competence and accomplishments.  The objections to her appointment ranged from the mundane to the cringe-worthy.  But it’s pointless, I think, to attack the Council members opposed, or to besmirch their motivations. What’s done is done. Rather, I’d like to issue them a challenge. Many of those most adamant in their opposition to Rana also most loudly proclaimed their commitment to fighting racism. Well, now is a time like no other. These Councilors should expedite the creation of the HRC and, moreover, ought to began immediately developing plans to ensure that the vast numbers of folks in our community, not born in the U.S, can fully participate in city government both through access, and through elected and appointed positions. You say it’s all about Rana and Rana only. Prove it. The skeptics say you’re playing to the fearful mob. You said differently. We await your actions.

Joseph M. McHugh

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