Appreciation: Fire Department Honors Paula Sarcia, Admin Assistant

Paula Greene Sarcia, a popular and universally admired administrative assistant to two Revere fire chiefs, died on May 28 after a brief illness. She was 62.

The Revere Fire Department honored Mrs. Sarcia with a “final salute,” outside fire headquarters Thursday as the memorial procession continued on to the Vertuccio and Smith Funeral Home.

Mrs. Sarcia had served as the administrative assistant to Fire Chief Christopher Bright since 2016. Prior to that, she was the administrative assistant to former Chief Eugene Doherty. She also worked as a 911 call taker before receiving a promotion in the department.

“She was simply the best,” said Chief Bright. “Everyone knew Paula. All the new firefighters who had to get their paperwork done had to come through Paula’s office. She took care of everybody, she was so helpful to everyone. She had a strong work ethic and was very smart. She ran a great office.”

Mrs. Sarcia was a resident her whole life of Oak Island, which is a very tight-knit community.

Mrs. Sarcia could appreciate the sacrifice firefighters make each day on the job and the bravery necessary to serve in a profession that tests you constantly, for she had firefighting in her family. She was the wife of the late Revere Firefighter Roger Sarcia, who died on March 28, 2018. Three of her uncles, Capt. Henry Olsen and Arthur Olson, and Capt. Thomas Tuite, were also firefighters. Her son, Kristopher Sarcia, is carrying on the family tradition as a Revere firefighter.

 In addition to Kristopher’s service as a firefighter, Mrs. Sarcia was also proud of her other children, USAF Master Sgt. Rachel L. Wagner, Jennifer Hubbard, and USAF Staff Sgt. John Sarcia.

Vozella remembers

her colleague fondly

Chief Bright said there was a second position in the office that had been vacant due to cutbacks through the years. Mayor Brian Arrigo allowed the department to hire a second person in the office. Mrs. Sarcia helped hire Alyssa Vozella to the position of principal clerk.

“Paula was an incredible woman,” said Vozella. “She was there for everyone. She was genuinely a good person who wanted to know about you and your life. She never forgot anyone’s name when people would bring in their child or grandchildren to the office. She was my best friend around here. She was one of a kind.”

Ms. Vozella said she and Mrs. Sarcia had previously worked together as call takers in the department. “She trained me in that position and she was still texting me here and helping navigate [while she gallantly fought her illness] and was working remotely and she had all the answers – just an incredible person.”

Ms. Vozella said Paula Sarcia treasured her role as a grandmother. “She loved her grandchildren like you wouldn’t believe. If you come into her office, there are pictures of her grandchildren everywhere. She was very family oriented.”

“There is a real void in our office – it’s hard to process it right now,” said Chief Bright. “We’re just trying to get through each day one at a time.”

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