Councillor Powers recovering from injury sustained in fall at home

Ward 5 Councillor John Powers is resting comfortably at the Melrose Wakefield Hospital after undergoing surgery to repair his left hip.

Powers sustained a broken hip injury Saturday night after tripping over something on the floor in his Revere home. He was rushed by ambulance to the hospital where doctors decided to perform surgery Sunday morning.

Reached by phone at the hospital, Powers said, “It hurts a little but I’ll be alright. It was diagnosed as a broken hip, but they fixed it, The surgeons did a good job. I’m back on my feet.”

Powers is taking daily medication for the pain. He expects to be a patient at the hospital for at least two weeks.

“I’ll definitely be participating our next Council meeting April 27,” said Powers.

The popular official has been receiving several “get-well” messages from his constituents and residents across the city. His colleagues on the Council have also reached out to him wishing for a speedy recovery.

“Our well wishes are with him and John is one of the most resilient people I’ve ever met and I know he will recover and be back in his seat in no time,” said Council President Patrick Keefe.

Ward 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna said she has known Power for more than 50 years, having served as a park instructor when he was a supervisor in the parks program.

“John has been through some difficult times in his life,” said McKenna. “He has been knocked down a few times but always gets back up and rises to the occasion. John is resilient and one of the strongest people I know. He will be on his feet and back at City Hall soon.”

Councillor-at-Large Jessica Giannino offered her best wishes, stating, “I found out about it over the weekend and we just felt terrible. And what’s even worse that we can’t be there for him and visit him. We can wish him well and pray for him and wish him a speedy recovery.”

Mayor Brian Arrigo added, “It’s unfortunate that John faced surgery during a time that I know he would be at his best acting on  behalf of his constituents.  Our hopes, and his most important focus right now, are for a full and fast recovery so that John can be out doing what he loves and what he is so good at:  interacting with the people of Revere and acting in their best interest every step of the way.”

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