Councillors Keefe, Morabito endorse Kennedy for U.S. Senate

Revere City Councillors Patrick Keefe and Steven Morabito announced their endorsements for Congressman Joe Kennedy III in the race for US Senate during a reception Sunday at Dryft Restaurant.
Keefe, president of the City Council, and Morabito, councillor-at-large, each delivered introductory remarks in support of Kennedy at the event that drew a sizable crowd to the new restaurant on Revere Beach Boulevard.
Morabito spoke first and said he first met Kennedy during his run for Congress. “His platform was one that resonated with me. Since he’s been in Washington, he has worked diligently and prioritized issues such as health care, mental health, substance use disorder, and human rights.
“It goes without saying that Joe Kennedy is a guy that stands behind the people,” said Morabito. “You can guarantee that our next senator will tackle the everyday issues that occur in every city throughout the Commonwealth. Joe Kennedy is someone who will stand and defend the rights of the LGBTQ community, and stand for every woman and their rights, every person regardless of their skin color. Joe Kennedy is that leader that we want for our next US senator.”
Keefe said a lot of Revere residents asked him (and Morabito) why they were supporting Joe Kennedy.
“This isn’t a race against anyone – this is a race for what Joe can do for the state of Massachusetts and what Joe can do for the United States of America,” said Keefe.
The leader of the 11-member City Council compared his run for office against an incumbent to Kennedy’s race in the Senate Democratic Primary. Keefe defeated an incumbent in his successful bid for the Ward 4 seat.
“People asked me, ‘why are you running against him?’, recalled Keefe. “It was quite simple – I felt I could do a stronger and better job and that’s why Steve and I felt so strongly and passionate about supporting Joe Kennedy.
“I feel like Joe Kennedy is the man for the job,” continued Keefe. “I feel his character and integrity make him the person we need in that position of power.
“We are grateful to welcome Joe to the city of Revere and we’re just so grateful to announce that we’re here to support Joe Kennedy,” concluded Keefe.
Kennedy, son of former Congressman Joe Kennedy II and grandson of former US Attorney General, the late Robert Kennedy, thanked the two Revere councillors for their support during his brief remarks.

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