Councillor Powers says footbridge will be ready for use soon

Ward 5 Councillor John Powers said a new footbridge that will run from the end of Sachem Street across the Eastern County Ditch on to Sullivan Field (adjacent to Revere Beach Boulevard) is near completion and will be installed at its former location before the start of spring.
Powers said for decades residents in the neighborhood in the Bay Road area used the footbridge to walk to Sullivan Park and the Boulevard.
“A couple of years ago, I saw the deteriorating condition of the bridge, determined it was unsafe, and that it needed to be torn down,” explained Powers. “It was done with the expectation that once we had the capability to build a new bridge, we would do that.”
Powers, who had advocated for a new footbridge for years, said the DPW Superintendent Donald Ciaramella has been building the 40-foot-long footbridge that will span over the 16-foot-wide ditch. The bridge will have a ramp for individuals with physical challenges.
“It’s going to be a convenience for people in that neighborhood,” said Powers. “Once that bridge is in place, we will start cleaning the entire Eastern County Ditch with runs from Wonderland all the way down to Oak Island.”
Powers thanked Ciaramella and Mayor Brian Arrigo for their efforts. “Don’s really a tremendous, experienced builder with regard to just about anything you need to build. Mayor Arrigo helped push this project along. This bridge is going to be something really nice for the neighborhood,” he said.

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