Lady Patriots Defeat Vikings on Home Turf: 24 – 14

The RHS Lady Pats defeat Winthrop’s Lady Vikings at their annual Powder Puff game at Harry Della Russo last Saturday Nov. 23, 22-14 in front of all their fans!

After starting with over 60 senior girls on the afternoon of sign ups six weeks ago, the Revere Powder Puff team took the field with 43 girls to play against their rivals, the Winthrop Vikings. The girls endured a viciously cold and wet fall and a few bumps and bruises to get to game day. The girls came in confident and anxious to square off against their opponent on Saturday afternoon. The Lady Pats defense took the field first and set the tone with a stop on Winthrop’s opening drive. Revere was then able to take advantage and punch in the first score of the game behind some tough running by #40 Captain Crystal Valente and blocking by #70 Amelia Viscay. After getting the two-point conversion, the Revere defense was able to take the field., led by Captain Eve Lescovitz (#50), Salome Gezehagn (#82), and Nubya Filho (#44). The Lady Vikings were able to fight out some tough yards to score a touchdown to bring it to 8-6 in the 2nd quarter.

Revere took the field again after a big kick return by Luana Barbosa (#33). After a few big plays by running back Astrid Umanzor (#30), fullback Brenda Bettero (#36), and the Revere offensive line, Captain Katie O’Donnell (#20) was able to rumble into the end zone for the touchdown. Revere was able to get the two point conversion and took a 16-6 lead into the half. After another successful kick return by Katie O’Donnell, the Revere offense took the field. Fullback Brenda Bettero and Tailback Luana Barbosa led the charge with a few big runs to bring the offense into the red zone. After back to back miscues, the offense was able to click with a perfectly blocked and executed play to take it in for another touchdown (by Luana Barbosa). The rest of the second half proved to be a defensive struggle with the Lady Pats defense protecting the lead against some tough running by Winthrop’s Olivia Driscoll  (#10) and Sonedia Dalhquist (#15). Captain and Linebacker Guilia Cincinnato (#54), defensive end Brianna Senecal (#84), defensive tackle Wendy Sanchez (#79) , and many other Revere defenders made outstanding plays in key moments of the second half to keep the Lady Vikings off the scoreboard until the last minute of the game. Upon receiving the kickoff, the Lady Patriots were able to get into their victory formation and kneeled to seal the 22-14 win for the Patriots.

Coach Dean Papagiorgakis said, “I am extremely proud of each and every one of the 43 girls who took the field last Saturday. They played the game the right way with zero penalties, intense grit, and an amazing will to win. The resiliency of the girls in order to make it to Saturday afternoon was evident on the field as they played hard from the opening kickoff to the final whistle. Each and every girl had a role on the team and executed it well enough to gain their hard-fought win against rival Winthrop.”

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