Police Briefs 10-30-2019

License Commission Chairperson Reports Vandalism

Revere Police are summonsing an East Boston man for allegedly vandalizing the vehicle of the Revere License Commission Chair Rob Selevich after the two had a heated verbal disagreement at the most recent Licensing meeting.

The meeting featured the suspect, Ralph Ravesi, who operates a food truck at the Farmer’s Market, having a long verbal disagreement with Selevich over the licensing of their food truck – as well as alleged political motivations for that trouble. After more than 20 minutes of yelling at one another, a Revere Police officer finally convinced Ravesi and his business partners to leave the Council Chambers.

They did not go quietly.

Now Police say Ravesi is suspected of vandalizing Selevich’s vehicle in front of his home.

Police said Selevich came to the Station to file a report that, at some point after the contentious meeting, his car was vandalized. Sources have said that Ravesi is specifically charged with busting out the windows with a brick.

Police conducted an investigation into the matter, and with evidence secured during the investigation, have issued a summons on Ravesi for Malicious Destruction of a vehicle.

Noisy House

Police clamped down on a house at Winthrop Avenue that has routinely been the subject of noise complaints – charging one Marblehead man with keeping a disorderly home.

Around 4:42 a.m. on Oct. 14, police were called to the home for loud music. The owner talked to police and didn’t feel he was doing anything wrong, refusing to turn down the music. Police learned that there had been 10 noise complaints on the home this year alone.

Marco Carvajal, 27, of Marblehead, was charged with keeping a noisy and disorderly home.

Rewards Card Fraud

A New York man was arrested on identity fraud charges when he was found to be fraudulently using rewards points from another person’s account in order to stay at the Comfort Inn.

On Oct. 16, security at the hotel notified police of the fraud.

After an investigation, they learned the man had hacked into the accounts of other customers with rewards points, and then had checked into the Inn using their identity. To pay for the room, he was allegedly using points from their account without authorization.

Police found he had a warrant for the same crime in Pennsylvania.

Gilbert De La Cruz, 31, of Howard Beach, NY, was charged with larceny over $1,200, and four counts of ID Fraud.

Banging on Window

A Beachmont man known to police was arrested on Oct. 16 when he was found beating on the car window of a woman he didn’t know.

Around 2:51 p.m., the woman was on Rumney Road when the man began beating on her window and trying to break into the car. She was very scared and didn’t know the man at all.

Police encountered the man and knew him from previous incidents. He was disorderly and uncooperative, but was apprehended.

Edward Harris, 45, of 140 Broadsound Ave., was charged with disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, intimidating a witness, breaking and entering in the day, and two counts of threatening to commit a crime.

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