Police Investigate Gunfire Incident on Proctor Avenue

Revere Police detectives are investigating an incident on Proctor Avenue in which gunshots were fired during a fight in the street.

Lt. Rob Impemba said that Revere Police arrived on the scene at approximately midnight Tuesday (July 2) after a call had come in to the station that there was a fight in the street.

Impemba said the preliminary investigation of the incident led the police to believe that there had been a late-night party at a nearby residence on Proctor Avenue. Young adults (19-and-20-year-olds) were in attendance at the party.

Impemba indicated that as a result of the physical altercation, shots were fired in the street. Impemba said one firearm was recovered in a nearby yard.

Two men, who were believed to be involved in the altercation, were placed under arrest. The charges were still to be determined.

Impemba said RPD detectives are conducting an  investigation in to the incident and other activities in the area that have drawn complaints from residents in the past.

Mayor Brian Arrigo said he was aware of the late-night incident.

“We’re still gathering some information and I want the residents to know that the Police Department and all of our public safety folks are on top of it and will make sure that we’ll continue to be a safe community,” said Arrigo.

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