New Commission to Monitor Data Focused on Quality of Life and Economic Impacts

“We believe the opening of Encore Boston Harbor will have significant impacts on our community and we must be proactive in our approach to ensure any impacts are dealt with appropriately,” Mayor Arrigo said. “The Casino Advisory Commission will focus on capturing data necessary for allocating our own city resources and for advocating additional support from state and other partners.”

The Commission will begin tracking a number of data sets ahead of Encore’s public opening on Sunday, including:

• Traffic trends, including total number of cars and trucks and time travel on certain Revere roadways

• Associated police and fire overtime costs

• Calls for service to Revere Police and Revere Fire Department

• Crime rates, in particular low-level property crimes

• Total casino-related calls and requests for constituent services

• Impacts on Revere’s hospitality industry, including occupancy and room rates, employment losses and site accessibility

• Increases in activity at local pawn shops and other second hand dealers

• Changes to short-term rental activity

• Mutual emergency response aid provided to the City of Everett

The Mayor also called on Revere residents and business owners to report their own observations to Revere 311, where all calls related to casino feedback will be categorized and tracked.

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