Wonderland Owners Expected at ZBA

By Sue Ellen  Woodcock

The owner of the former Wonderland Dog Track is expected to appear in front of the Zoning Board of Appeals tonight, appealing a decision from city building inspector.

CBW Lending and its attorney James Cipoletta will discuss the parking situation and give an update on the demolition of the property. One side contends that a special permit for parking was issued by the City Council but the city says it expired July 1, 2015. The building inspector issued a cease-and-desist order, which is being contested by CBW Lending.

In the past couple of years a representative of CBW Lending has appeared in front of numerous city officials, including the City Council and the Licensing Commission.

The Zoning Board of Appeals also welcomes two new members to its board, John Lopes and Arthur Pelton. Both men were just appointed to the board on Monday night.

A demolition permit was pulled back in June by CBW Lending for 190 VFW Parkway. Demolition crews from Tim Carr of Blackstone has been hired for the demolition of seven structures on the property, including the old veterinarian building. Plumb House of Milford is the general contractor. The cost for the demolition is $1,525,000.

For the last five years the building has been unusable and hundreds of cars have had a parking space there. Companies like Avis and Thirty Car Rental have been using the oversized lot through CBW Lending.

Abutters have complained about car alarms, horns, music and headlights in their windows.

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