Council Approves NECCO Zoning Change

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

The city council has approved a zoning change for the NECCO property on American Legion Highway opening up the possibilities for hi-tech and robotics companies to be able to come to Revere.

The zoning change will create an Industrial Park District.

The zoning change would allow for “advanced product manufacturing, research and development, biomedical facilities, technology warehousing and distribution activities, the use of robotics, a brewery, distillery or winery.

Bob O’Brien, director of economic development, spoke in favor of the zoning change.

“This is one of the, if not the greatest proposal for a zoning change to come before the city council in years,” said Councillor John Powers.

“I met with developers about six weeks ago and was elated they told me they were looking for a zoning change that would provide for positive economic development in city,” Powers said.

“No houses, no condos,  positive development that will bring jobs to our city and a transportation/business hub at the NECCO and Wonderland site,” Powers said about the future development.

There is a commuter line that runs all the way up the North Shore. Powers said there is potential for a train stop between the two properties.

“We have three hotels in the pipeline and this. We’re finally moving in the right direction,” Powers said.

“This is a forward moving zoning change,” said Councilor Anthony Zambuto. “The potential of that site is unbelievable. Connection to the commuter line opens up a bunch of stuff. We have a first rate group committed to development. VMD Companies of North Andover and Atlantic Management of Framingham purchased the NECCO property. It is expected that NECCO will stay in business and the rest of the building is expected to be developed.

Mayor Brian Arrigo has been a supporter of this change.

Zambuto said he favors the zoning change and views it as forward moving.

“This sight can have a commuter rail stop, a connection to blue line opens up a worlds of stuff,” Zambuto said.

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  1. Anonymous
    September 28, 2017 at 5:12 pm

    Necco will be out of business in 2018. With their secretive mass corporate layoff in the summer and alarming financial rumors swirling around the office, they are certainly closing very soon. I just hope the brands can be salvaged. At least 13 employees of the corporate employees were blind-sighted with a layoff after a misleading speech of “business booming” from the CEO when the purchase of the property happened. There were barely many corporate employees left at the time with incredibly high turnover rates as employees were increasingly quitting to flee the horrible company. It is a complete shame that the upper management (CEO, CFO, Chief of Marketing/Sales, and COO) could not prioritize the good of the company and produce quality work and leadership. Very shady upper management with lazy and irresponsible work ethic from each leadership role.

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