For Iacoviello,Her Career Decision Came from Home

By Seth Daniel

Natasha Iacoviello (left) and Frank Iacoviello (right) are shown with Kelly Tuthill of Regis College (second from right) with her daughters.

Natasha Iacoviello (left) and Frank Iacoviello (right) are shown with Kelly Tuthill of Regis College (second from right) with her daughters.

Natasha Iacoviello knew her dad, Frank, was suffering during his many doctor’s visits over the years when she was growing up.

A life-long Revere resident, he wasn’t one to show his daughters the painful effects of his cancer treatments. In those days, there wasn’t much Natasha could do for him, but now, she said she hopes she might be able to help cancer patients all over the world as she embarks on her college career – already determined to be a nurse and help patients like her father.

“My father was always in and out of the hospital since I was little and even before I was born,” said Natasha last week from Regis College, where she is a freshman. “My dad never really showed his daughters what he was going through. Sometimes I didn’t know he was having surgery until it was over. He was always thinking of other people. After he had surgery, after recovering, he would go right back to work. We knew he was suffering, but he just pushed through it and kept going.”

Iacoviello graduated from Revere High School (RHS) last year after a great athletic and academic career there. However, while other kids were pondering what to do, she had already made up her mind to pursue nursing.

“I knew I wanted to do nursing and I came to Regis in order to get started quickly,” she said. “I would actually love to do some research on cancer, even if it’s on the side, to go to a lab and research certain cancers.”

Frank Iacoviello said he was very proud of his daughter’s choice. As a five-time cancer survivor, he said it was very touching to hear she wanted to help treat patients and maybe help find a cure.

“I’m very proud of what she has done and what career she has chosen and even being in Advanced Placement (AP) classes all through high school,” he said. “She stayed in sports and out of the courts. I’m just very proud of her.”

Natasha said she first began thinking about nursing when at the Rumney Marsh Middle School, when the school gave an aptitude test. Her test revealed that she had an interest in science and how the human body worked. Combining that with what she saw her dad go through, the decision wasn’t very hard for her.

Building up to that choice, however, she said she was greatly prepared by Revere schools to take on the challenge.

“Actually, Revere High School has prepared me for this college so much,” she said. “I think my science classes prepared me for what I’m doing now. Overall, I think RHS prepared me not just academically, but also for things like knowing how to study and how to use my time wisely. I feel like they’re doing a great job for Revere kids.”

Meanwhile, Natasha’s story has been chronicled on the Boston television stations, and also in the Regis College magazine. It has made for a great and sentimental start to her college years.

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