Revere Police Identify Target ‘Peeper’

By Seth Daniel

Revere Police took the Target ‘peeper’ into custody at Attleboro District Court on Tuesday when the Rhode Island man showed up at the courthouse for a hearing on an unrelated case.

Investigators said Sheldon Fulbeck, a Rhode Island man, has had trouble several times with similar issues, and was the first person in the state charged with the new upskirting law two years ago. Upskirting is the practice of taking a photograph “up the skirt” of a woman, a practice that was illegal until two years ago.

“We got two good tips from people who knew him very closely and saw our release,” said Det. Ken Bruker. “They called the day after the release went out and identified him. We found out he had an open case in Attleboro for upskirting and was coming in. He was actually the first person charged in the state with upskirting two years ago.”

Fulbeck is charged with using the mirrors in the changing room at the Revere Target to look over the divider at teen-age girls in the dressing room on Sunday, June 12. Media attention came quick after Revere Police released surveillance videos of the man.

There were other incidents of upskirting as well, Bruker said, that they chased down during the investigation. Bruker said all of the incidents, including the one in Attleboro, took place at a Target.

Investigators said they held his identity secret in order to apprehend him by surprise when he came to Massachusetts. He was held on $5,000 cash bail in Attleboro and is not going to be bailed. He has been transferred to the Dartmouth House of Corrections and will be arraigned in Chelsea District Court in the near future.

Bruker said there was a lot of confusion about the so-called Bathroom Bill and the Target peeper incident. In fact, Target has had gender neutral changing rooms for quite some time.

“Target changing rooms have always been gender neutral,” he said. “It’s not something new. He was peeping over the wall and using the mirrors to his advantage. It really wasn’t any connection to the new law.”

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