Our Opinions: of Sandcastles and Things

The city is on the eve of another Sandcastle Festival, which will likely prove to be the mother of all festivals ever to have occurred in this city in its long existence. Master sculptors from around the nation will again be competing here in what has become an annual ritual attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors to Revere Beach.

Last year more than 500,000 visitors checked out the sandcastles and the beach, according to event organizers.

Event organizers are predicting this year’s crowds will be much larger – and the great weather is working in favor of the festival.

That being said, organizers of the Sandcastle event should be congratulated for bringing to Revere the type of event that other cities all around us would love to have.

It is not often that Revere is the envy of others but in this instance, the Sandcastle festival has worked a natural wonder.

Numbers being talked about are as high as 800,000 – that is the number of visitors that can be expected to pass through Revere, spend an afternoon or evening at the beach, partake of food, fireworks, entertainment and the sculptures themselves.

Then there is always the beach itself on a hot summer day.

This event has done more to improve the public image of the city than just about anything in recent decades.

It enlivens the beach, the first public beach in the nation. It gives a new reason to come here and Revere in this instance is a destination which is what makes this event so special.

Some cities spend years trying to create an environment or an event that makes them a destination.

Revere’s time has come much faster.

The one most wonderful thing about the Sandcastle Festival is that it is annual and will grow from year to year as organizers perfect the method of spreading out the event and growing it without losing the one element that gives it panache and makes it work, and that is great sand sculpture by the nation’s best.

From the 12th and for days after that, it is Sandcastle week in Revere.

Get down to Revere Beach and enjoy.

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