Police Chief Following Suit

Chief Joseph Cafarelli has said he is adamant about reshaping the persona of the Revere Police Department. Since taking over two weeks ago he has made a flurry of command changes and new assignments.

However, ordering his captains to return the city owned automobiles they have been using for years to drive home will cause a great deal of talk at the station.

Indeed, the chief’s coming order for the captains to rescind the use of their city owned automobiles is more about the revolution taking place at the station than a strict economy move.

The chief will make this order with the full approval of the mayor, who has looked with wonder at highly paid captains who make more than $150,000 a year driving home and using as their personal cars expensive city owned automobiles.

We applaud Chief Cafarelli’s bold move.

It was a long time coming and will save approximately $20,000 per automobile per year.

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