Head’s Up Law Enforcement Officials Nab Alleged Out-of-state Sex Offender

One fugitive sex offender from Delaware nearly slipped through the hands of law enforcement here were it not for the head’s up work of those at Chelsea District Court and the Revere Police.

For a man hiding from the law, Kevin Alexander Davis of Malden wasn’t being very conspicuous when Revere Police happened upon him last Tuesday evening, October 4.

In fact, he was chugging a 40-ounce bottle of cheap beer in the middle of Broadway and East Mountain Avenue while screaming at passing motorists.

Not exactly the portrait of a calculating criminal on the lam.

Police pulled up next to Davis and asked him what he was doing.

He took a quick sip of beer and then made an effort to try and hide the drink in his coat.

The officer called for backup, removed a box cutter from Davis’s pocket and then took him in to the station.

Noting he was quite intoxicated, officers weren’t able to easily get his right name.

He first said he was Kevin Dixon from Everett.

Didn’t match any records the police had.

So, he said he was Daniel Dixon of Everett. A check with Everett Police and a review of Daniel Dixon’s registry of motor vehicles photograph confirmed police had the right man.

Or at least they thought.

He was found to have a non-bailable warrant under that name and was kept overnight in the lock up.

The next day he was sent to Chelsea District Court to be arraigned. However, the arraignment didn’t go off as planned as court officers sent him back to the Revere Police to run a more thorough fingerprint check on the man.

Court officers said that police did not have the man’s true identity.

It was an added step that would unravel Davis’s identities and reveal a man wanted for sex crimes in the state of Delaware.

The fingerprint scan revealed he had charges in Delaware of being a fugitive from justice and already had a full extradition approved from that state. He had been charged there with committing sex crimes.

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