What a Show!:Sand Sculpting Festival Was a Huge Success

By every standard of measure, the Revere Sand Sculpting Festival was a great success.

The weekend event drew hundreds of thousands of people, attracted mainly by the spectacle of first class, world-class sand sculptures and by music, food and the camaraderie of family members and friends. A good time was had by all and the fireworks on Saturday night were a wonderful display in front of an enormous crowd.

In many respects, this was Revere Beach at its finest modern incarnation for a weekend.

The sand sculpture event highlighted what is possible along the shore with good planning and sound judgment.

The vendors selling food all worked hard and made some money. And the event likely paid for itself.

In the years to come, we hope that event planners expand the event in space as well as in time.

A one-week event featuring sand sculpture, art of all kinds displayed in a grand pavilion and the expanded presence of great food vendors with seating outside in a set-up somewhat more inventive than a straight line would be a thought to talk over.

There also has to be the near to complete closure of the beach along the Boulevard from Eliot Circle to the festival area itself. Ocean Street should remain open and there should be full police or civilian traffic personnel moving cars along instead of the constant gridlock, which was frankly a nuisance and a mess.

The 2011 Sand Sculpture Festival has come and gone.

It was a good show. With some advanced planning, it could become the show of all shows in this area from year to year and a profitable one at that.

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