Nancy Barile

Support of her colleagues speaks volumes

By all accounts, Revere High School teacher Nancy Barile was subjected to Internet character assassination last week.

Every effort was being made, with no unsubstantiated rumor spared, to destroy Barile’s reputation by linking her to an alleged sex scandal at Revere High School where she has taught for the past 16 years.

After making a thorough investigation of the Internet allegations, Superintendent of Schools Paul Dakin indicated to state education officials that Barile is one of Revere’s best teachers and a role model.

“I’ll stand with her,” he said.

Deputy Superintendent Anne Marie Costa made the same declaration.

Former RHS principal Dave DeRuosi put his reputation on the line by supporting Barile as well.

State education officials relented. They backed off after studying Dr. Dakin’s investigation into the matter.

In addition, dozens of parents and students wrote letters to the Revere Journal supporting Barile and dismissing the claims made against her, which all appear in this week’s edition.

We do not recall in the Journal’s long history when we received so many letters to the editor on a story – and not one of them denounces Barile.

We are not judge and jury but in this instance school officials, parents of school children and the pupils themselves all seem to agree that Ms. Barile is a fine teacher with an unblemished work record.

The irresponsible and libelous Internet accusations that are hatched in this city almost daily have one result mainly, to ruin reputations for the sake of an Internet headline.

It is one thing to call a distinguished teacher a sexual deviant.

It is another thing to steal her good name with a lie.

In the immortal words of Shakespeare: He who steals my good name steals all that I have.

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