Patrick campaigns on Shirley Avenue

Governor Deval Patrick brought his gubernatorial campaign to Shirley Avenue Saturday afternoon under brilliant sunshine on a gorgeous fall day.

About 100 residents flocked around the governor, exchanging conversations with him and wishing him well across the street from the Bagel Bin following a sign holding visibility on Broadway earlier in the morning.

The governor then went into the Bagel Bin where he was joined by dozens of supporters and Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo who gave the governor a rousing speech in support of his candidacy.

“I’m pleased to be here in Revere,” the governor told the crowd outside the Bagel Bin. The crowd responded with loud cheering and exuberance.

“This election is important,” he added. “We must finish what we have begun.”


Patrick is involved in a close race against candidates Charlie Baker and State Treasurer Tim Cahill.

In recent days, Cahill’s revelations that his staff members were giving away his strategy to Baker’s people, does not appear to have generated much positive support for Baker – who was climbing in the polls.

Inside the Bagel Bin, the governor was met by Speaker DeLeo.

“This is my friend. Our friend. Deval Patrick is our man. We need to get him re-elected and we’ll all do whatever must be done to have that final outcome,” DeLeo shouted.

He received a wild round of applause.

In a poignant moment during his Shirley Avenue stop, the governor signed a card being sent to servicemen in Afghanistan by Revere’s Morris Morris.

“What a good man you are,” Morris said to the governor.

After a short stay, Patrick was whisked away to another campaign stop in Chelsea.

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