More Than A Garage – Groundbreaking is a sign of better things to come at Wonderland

The groundbreaking on Monday at the Wonderland T Station marked the beginning of much more than a parking garage.

Even though the new garage to be built at Wonderland will house 1,465 automobiles and cost about $53 million, the real success comes after the garage is built.

Expected to follow it is a hotel, residential housing, retail and office space, in a succession of buildings and open spaces estimated at 145,000 square feet in total when all is said and done.

Ocean Avenue and its relationship to the city and to the beach will be dramatically changed by this development project which is being brought to life during difficult economic times by Eurovest.

The garage by itself is like a shot in the arm for tradesmen and union workers of all kinds, for cement companies, for suppliers of steel, for construction companies who grade land and who build.

Any time the government loans $53 million to stimulate the local economy in one place it works a bit of wonder.

And when it comes to the bigger picture, this new garage will make it possible for everything else planned to happen.

The only questions – and they are big questions – is whether the economic environment will improve enough to allow for the coming of a hotel and with retail and office space as well as the residential component.

At the present time, construction locally is at a virtual standstill.

Development near to the beach has a better shot of coming to be because of its proximity to the ocean, the view and because of the garage and the convenience of public transportation.

If this were any other time this development would be picking up major steam.

As it is, Eurovest will be hard pressed to reach its goals on a timely basis with this project.

However, there is the feeling that with hard work and smart planning, something much more than a garage will come of this ambitious development.

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