Iacoviello will most likely provide a DNA sample

Another milestone in the Officer Dan Talbot murder trial unfolded this week when a motion hearing took place Tuesday in Dedham that took up numerous motions by the prosecution and defense.

The case is slated for trial this January.

There has been no official action in the case for quite some time, but motions for this and that have been filed in large numbers.

One action taken was that lead defendant and alleged shooter, Robert Iacoviello Jr., was expected to provide a DNA sample to the prosecution. Apparently, there has been a court order to provide the test, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Many wonder what purpose DNA will serve in a case that, so far, seems to be about witness testimony. To insiders, it begs the question as to whether or not the prosecution has some sort of yet-unknown physical evidence in the case.

There are also reports that some of the Revere Police Officers that were on the scene the night of the murder, Sept. 29, 2007, had also been ordered to take DNA tests – a rather rare move in such a case.

Finally, motions have been filed to suppress statements that were made by Iacoviello to police after his arrest and during interviews.

It is believed that the prosecution will agree to suppress those particular statements. It was not immediately apparent, though, what those statements were.

The results of the hearing came too late for publication, and Judge Patrick Brady will rule on those motions in the forthcoming days.

Talbot was murdered behind Revere High School a little over two years ago, a murder that sent the city into an uproar and still piques quite a bit of interest. Iacoviello and three other defendants face charges in the murder.

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