Council Moves Composting Ordinance Change to Subcommittee

By Adam Swift

A motion introduced by Councillor-at-Large Juan Pablo Jaramillo at last week’s council meeting could clear the way for Revere to establish a city-wide composting program.

The motion, which is being co-sponsored by Ward 5 Councillor Angela Guarino-Sawaya, looks to establish an ordinance further amending the revised ordinances of the City of Revere establishing a program to divert waste from landfills and incinerators to offset waste disposal costs.

The motion was moved to the council’s Climate, Workforce, and Sustainability subcommittee, which is chaired by Jaramillo, for further discussion before being brought back to the full council for a public hearing.

Jaramillo said there are some community and local environmental groups that would like to give the subcommittee some more information and feedback on a potential composting program.

The city recently signed a new 10-year contract with WinWaste for solid waste disposal. City finance director Richard Viscay said that the contract includes a $25,000 annual contribution to the city from WinWaste that will likely be used for a composting program.

“I support this motion, I’ve received 30 to 40 emails asking me to support it from residents that are either already composting or want to start,” said Councillor-at-Large Marc Silvestri. “I think it is a great idea and we should try it.”

Ward 4 Councillor Paul Argenzio said a number of other cities and towns already have composting programs in place, and that it would be a great way of getting some trash out of the waste stream.

“I’m in favor of this,” said Councillor-at-Large Robert Haas, III. “I’ve had a number of residents reach out via email and texts … that this is a great thing for the city to look at.”

Councillor-at-Large Michelle Kelley said she has also received calls and emails supporting a composting program and would be in favor of the motion.

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