Revere Elementary Students Rock the House

By Melissa Moore-Randall 

On May 1st, the Revere Youth Singers performed during a Spring Concert at the Hill Elementary school. The choir consisted of 120 fifth and fourth graders from each elementary school in Revere including The Beachmont Veterans Memorial, A.C. Whelan, Abraham Lincoln, Garfield, Hill, and the Paul Revere Innovation School. Students attended after school rehearsals throughout the year to prepare for this performance.

Rob Delmonte, the music teacher at the A.C. Whelan School, organized the concert. “The show was a huge success with a large turnout. Thanks to the Fine Arts Director Kelly WIlliams, and the musical directors from each school, Siobhan Keplin, Christopher DiBenedetto, Benjamin Glaser, Lance MacDonald, Robert Delmonte, and Timothy O’Brien for providing a fun, educational, music experience for our community.”

Once again RPS Art Director Kelly Williams was amazed by the musical performance. “Shout out to our amazing elementary school music teachers and their dedication to the all city choir – Revere Youth Singers. Thank you for giving these students a space to sing, grow and learn music with their peers. Congratulations to the brave 4 and 5th grade students from our 6 elementary schools who performed this evening together for the first time.”

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